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I routinely see patients who are terrified of the Arthrogram study before arriving at my office. They have talked with other people who have had a bad experience, or they have had a previous bad experience themselves. Some patients have gone on the internet and YouTube and seen the Arthrogram performed, and had to stop before it ended since it looked so gruesome. Some have delayed having the study done for years due to their fears. Many people are very afraid of needles.

Every week I see patients who tell me about their fear of needles. Many patients relate having a previous Arthrogram performed at another facility, and some tell me that as many as three Doctors worked on them for up to three hours, utilizing multiple needles and punctures, and that the procedure was extremely painful. “It was worse than childbirth”, according to more than one woman. “I will never go there again”, is another common comment. When I review the CT or MRI studies done with those Arthrograms, many studies are not useful and have to be repeated. Many CT and MRI studies of the joints done without an Arthrogram have to be repeated, since they might not be diagnostic when looking for a tear involving the tendons, ligaments or cartilage.

I also treat the patients in my office with additional medication combined with the Arthrogram such as local anesthesia and cortical steroids for inflammation, a large number of patients have some relief of their symptoms. This relief may last one day, many days, a week, or in some patients many months. Many patients call the next day and thank me for giving them a good nights sleep without pain. Some patients get enough relief of symptoms that they no longer desire surgery. The Doctors that refer to me are very satisfied, and refer to me as the best Radiologist and Arthrographer they have ever known or worked with, without exception. These Doctors are also very happy not to have to face an angry patient in their office after a painful Arthrogram, or with a CT or MRI study which is not helpful. All of the pictures on this site are Arthograms with CT or MRI that I have performed and interpreted in the last month.

So, my advice is to ASK QUESTIONS, and follow the instructions on these pages. Find an experienced Arthrographer and satisfactory Imaging Facility or Outpatient Center for your Arthrogram and CT or MRI study. Always do what is best for you.

You may want to come and see me, as well. If you have had a bad previous experience, or you are afraid of needles, or you are worried about a very painful procedure, or you really do not want to have a repeat Arthrogram due to a poor study, then simply take your Doctor’s order for your Arthrogram with CT or MRI, and call my office to schedule your study. I can usually promise an Arthrogram which is the least painful possible. With very few exceptions, my Arthrogram studies are finished in 10 to 30 seconds, depending upon the joint. Ask for LifeScan Imaging. Most insurances are accepted.

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